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Peter Havers

Burleigh Travel Sports Tour Co-ordinator

Peter Havers

Peter Havers Profile


Pete has grown up playing all kind of sport, mainly concentrating on football. From the age of seven he has played for Aston Villa Academy until moving onto Arsenal Academy. Soon after he settled closer to home with Gloucester City Football Club and several other local teams which took up all his spare time.

At the age of seventeen his sport was stopped with a bad injury to his leg, but he replaced sport with travelling and moved around Europe, spending a total of four years in Italy working as Representative for travel companies to welcome customers to their holidays and make sure they enjoy their stay. Also spent one year in The Netherlands working for Nike to yet again stick to his sporting interests, as well as brief working spells across France and Belgium.

Returning to England and working for Burleigh Travel he can now work a job with his two main interests in Sport and Travelling.

Favourite Sports Tour Destination:

"Italy, aimed to spend maximum of three months but once saw and experienced the culture and sights, I returned for a total of four years. The Italian food to build up your energy was just a bonus!"

Most Memorable Travel Experience:

"The Netherlands, as well as being a busy but awesome country, I was pleased how my life changed there. Left England one year with no job and no accommodation, to work myself up to my own place and a job I loved to have a busy year and make a lot of new friends."

Peter Kayaking Lago Di BolsenaDaily Kayak in Lago Di Bolsena, Italy 

Peter At Lago Abano In Italy

Peter Swimming in Lago Albano, Italy

Fact File:

Nickname: Petros

Favourite Sport (s): Football, Rugby and Moto GP

Best Achievement: Playing for Aston Villa and Arsenal football academies growing up

Favourite Sports Team: Arsenal, Gloucester Rugby and Valentino Rossi

Favourite Sports Personality: Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker

Countries Visited: Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy

Random Fact: Have not yet visited a country outside the UK without ending up working or living there


 Pete’s Burleigh Travel Inside Line: 

"Don’t make excuses to not do something, take a risk and it may just be the best thing you’ll ever do."

Burleigh Travel Highlights


  • Thank you so much for organizing a fantastic tour for us , every single aspect ran like clockwork! They opposition pulled out all the stops for us and gave our kids the most remarkable experience.

    Penryn RFC U15s rugby tour to Italy

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