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Senior Football Tour to Lille: FC Hockley

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Senior Football Tour to Lille: FC Hockley

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Senior Football Tour to Lille

During their football tour to Lille, the players of Hockley Football Club were able to experience the mix of culture, history and modern living that Lille offers, combined with the typical strong tradition for football associated with the French. With easy access to the city center from their accommodation, everything required to make a senior football tour a resounding success was on hand and the players took full advantage! Also with Brussels just 70 miles away, there was an option to visit another area for some sightseeing.Hockley FC team picture

FC Hockley : Football Tour to Lille Highlights!

Our football tour to Lille was great, we've come away with many fond memories:

  • Good competitive fixture
  • Great traditional sporting destination
  • Good accommoation in a practical location
  • A short distance from Calais
  • Excellent nightlife!

If this is a tour that appeals to you and your Football Club, please contact us through our online enquiry form and we will happily provide you with the information you need.

Burleigh Travel Highlights


  • We had a really good tour and are looking to travel again next year!

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