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Women's Rugby Tours to Holland

Adopt the Dutch lifestyle and understand the true meaning of the 3rd half.


Women's Rugby Tours to Holland

In terms of destinations for women’s rugby tours, Holland could not be a more suitable choice for those looking for good rugby and above all, excellent nightlife! Rugby is well organised at all levels and your welcoming hosts place particular importance on the 'third time', once the rugby game is over; a popular ethos for many rugby tours! Our most popular destination within Holland is of course, Amsterdam. A city renowned for its variety of culture and entertainment and above all else its “vibrant” nightlife, it offers the ideal tour destination for a women’s team.

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In terms of activities in Holland, there is a wide range of things to do ensuring there will never be a dull moment on your trip! Visit the popular Leidsestraat while you make your way to the picturesque Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam. Alternatively take a tour round the Heineken Brewery or explore the canal network by boat as a great way of seeing the sights of the city centre.

Holland is one of our most popular touring destinations, so we have years of experience of organising tours to this vibrant nation. A country offering excellent nightlife and many cultural highlights will ensure there is never a dull moment during your trip.  Many of our staff have visited Holland and accompanied previous tours there and will be more than happy to discuss it’s suitability as a sports tour destination in more detail with you. 

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  • The tour was absolutely brilliant! Everything went perfect and it was so well organised. Our opposition were great and so hospitable, and the accommodation was perfect. Couldn't recommend you more!

    University of Essex Women's Rugby Tour to Holland

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