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Learning Outside The Classroom Quality Badge

Burleigh Travel have been awarded the LOTC Quality Badge for our School Sports Tours.

This award is in recognition of the range of benefits that a sports tour offers an individuals personal, social and learning development. As well as passing a rigerous health and safety check, which reduces the red tape and work for you when looking to book one of our tours.

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The LOtC Quality Badge is a nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision. It combines the essential elements of provision, learning and safety, into one easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for all types of learning outside the classroom. The LOtC Quality Badge means that the holder has passed a robust assessment designed to ensure that they are meeting schools’ learning and risk management needs, no matter what activities they offer. It should help schools identify good quality and safe provision, which will then in turn reduce red tape when planning educational visits.

To find out more about the LOtC badge and its benefits for schools read our LOtC Blog Post.Ysgol Y Strade School Rugby Tour To Canada Boat Excursion

The following are just a few of the services a provider must demonstrate before gaining the LOtC Quality Badge:

  • Clear and accurate information given well in advance on services, amenities and costs. There should be no unpleasant surprises on the day!
  • Full information given on the learning objectives of the activities on offer, and the flexibility to tailor activities according to your needs.
  • Guidance and information on preparing your pupils for the visit, and following up on it back in the classroom, to help you to make the most of the learning opportunities. 
  • Skilled and enthusiastic educational staff or volunteers who can really bring a topic to life.
  • A culture of listening to schools feedback and working to meet their requirements.
  • Robust risk management, safeguarding and child protection procedures across all areas of the business.

To find out more about the benefits of sport for your pupils download our Benefits of a Sports Tour PDF

Burleigh Travel Highlights


  • "The tour is without a doubt one of the finest successes in the school's history"

    The Robert Clack School Rugby Tour to Canada

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