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Netball Tours to Barbados

Barbados can be described in one simple word, paradise. This little island is located in the Eastern Caribbean, with white sandy beaches and emerald blue seas. Bathed in sunshine throughout the year, the average daytime temperature is 30°C. The Bajan way of life is very chilled and incredibly welcoming, with all teams that tour there commenting on how well hosted they were. This warm welcome and gorgeous climate, combined with the fantastic excursions and competitive fixtures, makes Barbados a wonderful destination for netball tours.  

Dubai College NC U15 U16 Netball Tour To Barbados

Barbados is just 21 miles by 14 miles, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you will run out of things to do as it has some truly memorable excursions. Its lush golden beaches and clear blue sea offer relaxing days spent soaking up the sun or try some of the amazing experiences on offer like snorkelling, boat cruises or water based assault courses. 

Francis Holland School NC Barbados 1

The Catamaran cruise is one of the most recommended excursions of any location we run tours too. A day spent seeing the island from the sea, you will enjoy music, food and snorkelling where you may even have the chance to swim with turtles. The Boatyard is another popular day out, with inflatable climbing walls and obstacles in the sea, and bars and restaurants on land, it has something for all ages.

Catamaran And Swimming In Barbados On Your Sports Tour

Junior and School netball tours to Barbados

You will be based in the Holetown area on the West Coast. This was the first settlement on the island and was originally named Jamestown, after King James I of England. The name ‘holetown’ then came from the beaching and cleaning of ships in the small channel next to the village. It has now grown into a bustling community, with a number of beautiful sea view restaurants and bars to try. 

Forest Girls School Netball Tour To Barbados

Senior and University netball tours to Barbados

We base our senior teams in the St Lawrence Gap area where the majority of Barbados’ bars are located. Renowned for its vibrant and fun atmosphere there is plenty here to keep your team entertained during the evenings. Two of our favourite bars are the The Jammin’ Bar & Cafe Sol. On Friday night a trip to the Oistins fish fry is a must! The fishing village of Oistins lays on a big street party with music, drink and countless stands grilling and frying swordfish, mahi-mahi, snapper and flying fish.

The Royal Engineers Netball Club Netball Tour To Barbados

Netball was introduced to Barbados in the 1940s and has grown massively since then to become the most popular women’s sport on the island! There are now nearly 40 registered teams on the island spread across two leagues, and is played in every secondary school. These schools compete regularly in interschool competitions at U15s and U18s. This ensures that you will face some competitive netball fixtures during your tour.

Glenmore Winton School Netball Tour To Barbados

While Barbados, and our other Caribbean destinations such as St Lucia, are hugely popular for netball tours we do have a wide range of European and long haul destinations on offer. Malta and Cyprus continue to be the most popular European options, while Canada and South Africa offers unforgettable experiences if you are looking for something a little more exotic. You can contact our team to find out more or register an enquiry.

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A great day in Barbados


  • We had a fantastic tour, thank you for making it such a huge success! The fixtures were perfect; a good standard and great hospitality. We won 3 and lost 3 - best result for a tour!

    St Mary's School netball tour to Barbados

  • I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed our trip; Barbados is a fantastic location for a netball tour. The tour was such a success and we are already planning our next one!

    Yeovil Netball Club tour to Barbados

  • We had such an incredible tour; it was the best week of my life! Everything you organised was just fantastic. Transport, fixtures, accommodation it was all amazing.

    Royal Engineers netball tour to Barbados

  • What an absolutely fantastic tour! The accommodation was perfect for us, really clean and tidy. The fixtures were a good standard and we really enjoyed them.

    Oxford University netball tour to Barbados

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