Women's Football Tours to Germany

Tackle the German teams and adopt the culture.

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Women's Football Tours to Germany

Germany is a country with vast history stemming back to both world wars and the emergence of communism, giving any women’s football tour an education edge. With football being particularly popular, Germany provides tourists with its typical high standards of organisation, fine facilities and fascinating traditions giving you the ideal touring destination. Various city destinations will offer their own taste of German modernisation as well as culture and vibrancy within one of Europe’s most diverse nations meaning the opportunity for competitive football and outstanding Bohemian nightlife being sure to provide you with a memorable women’s football tour.

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Whilst on tour to Germany, visits to spectacular monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Koelner Dom (a 13th Century Gothic cathedral) in Cologne are a must. Berlin also offers a reminder of World War Two in the form of bunker tours to provide an added historical dimension to a range of football tours. Once the sun sets, your group can enjoy the sprawling bohemian bars, restaurants and nightclubs to soak up the local atmosphere! Of course there are also plenty of local breweries to sample.

Some of our staff have visited Germany both on sports tours and familiarisation visits so are therefore well-equipped to draw on their first hand experience of Germany in order to answer any queries you may have regarding this destination. They will be more than happy to discuss the countries suitability as a women’s sports tour destination in more detail with you.

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  • The tour went really well, everyone had a great time! Our accommodation was spot on and all the transport was great. You service was fantastic again!

    Hild Bede College WFC football tour to Germany

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