University Hockey Tour to Prague: Strathclyde University

A fantastic 5 days in the Czech Republic's capital

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University Hockey Tour to Prague: Strathclyde University

The capital city of the Czech Republic Prague is often referred to as the “City of a Thousand Spires”. But Prague is not only famous for its architecture, it is also world famous for its beer! A tour here offers a wonderful blend of sightseeing and culture, with pub crawls, brewery tours and nightlife. Strathclyde University sounded like they most the most of all the city had to offer when they spent 5 nights there on a hockey tour!

Strathclyde had decided to travel by coach to Prague, this can often help to keep tour prices down and is a nice social journey with some good songs and tour traditions. They arrived at around 7.30 on Saturday evening and that that night to explore some of the local bars and clubs. 

Strathclyde University Hockey Tour To Prague Night Out 2

The team had the morning off to explore Prague (and recover from the night before).In the afternoon it was their first fixture of the tour; two games against Prague International Hockey Club! This was a tough encounter, but one which all the players enjoyed. Both the boys and girls teams lost, 4-3 and 6-2 respectively. But the facilities were described as “incredible!” with a club house and bar that the players made the most of! The opposition hosted them fantastically and all made an effort to stay and socialise long after the game. 

Strathclyde University Hockey Tour To Prague Match 1The next day was similar with the morning to explore the city! Prague has so much to take in, the famous Charles Bridge, the city’s castle with offers stunning views, the astronomical clock, or there are pubs and breweries located throughout the city.  

Strathclyde Uni HC Prague Tour

That evening the girls faced Prague Hostivar, while the boys took on the Presidents Club. Again the two teams were well match and offered a fun but challenging match! After the game the teams enjoyed some more hospitality before heading off into town. 

Strathclyde University Ladies Hockey Tour To Prague 2014

The next day the team boarded their coach and headed home. 

Strathclyde University: Hockey Tour to Prague Highlights!

Their trip to the Czech Republic was one that they won’t forget in a long time and some of their highlights included:

  • Four brilliant fixtures with excellent hospitality and facilities.
  • Amazing nightlife with lots of bars and clubs, and 30p pints!
  • Accommodation right in the centre of the city and near the best club in town.
  • Brilliant coach drivers, helped them arrange a night out!

If this is a tour that appeals to you and your hockey club, please contact us through our online enquiry form and we will happily provide you with the information you need. 

Burleigh Travel Highlights

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  • Prague was amazing and exactly what we were looking for! I would highly recommend the clubs we played, they looked after us so well. We could not have asked for a better location for the hostel.

    Strathclyde University Hockey Tour to Prague

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