Senior Rugby Tour to Berlin: Exmouth RFC

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Senior Rugby Tour to Berlin: Exmouth RFC

Senior Rugby Tour to Berlin

Exmouth RFC’s two night senior rugby tour to Berlin provided the players with the opportunity to experience Berlin’s alternative lifestyles and captivating history, whilst enjoying a relaxed game of rugby and sampling some of the many nightlife hotspots with their hosts.

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Exmouth RFC: Rugby Tour to Berlin Highlights!

Exmouth RFC rugby tour to Berlin was an experience thoroughly enjoyed by the whole team thanks to the following highlights:

  • Berliner RC: excellent hosts and a great day
  • Enjoyable nightlife: well researched during the tour!!
  • Tour tradition: the usual formalities and lively banter!
  • Ideal accommodation; close to the action!
  • An interesting insight into the country’s history
  • The opportunity to visit famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gates

If this is a tour that appeals to you and your rugby club, please contact us through our online enquiry form and we will happily provide you with the information you need.

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  • Everyone had an excellent rugby tour. Our hosts were very hospitable, we stayed as long as the driver could and then some of the players carried on socialising with them in town too; it was a great da…

    Exmouth RFC rugby tour to Germany

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