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  • Novocastrians RFC U10s Rugby Tour To The Dearne Valley Easter Festival 2019

Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival

Read all about Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival 2019


Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival

Novocastrians RFC Badge

On the 12th April 2019, Novocastrians RFC U10's departed on their 2 night rugby tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival 2019. Below we will look at the itinerary and what went on at the Dearne Valley Kingswood Center on Novocastrians RFC U10's rugby tour!

Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Tour To The Dearne Valley Easter Festival 2019

Day 1 - Friday 12th April 2019

Novocastrians RFC U10's travelled down South from Newcastle arriving at Kingswood Dearne Valley Center at approximately 15:00. Upon arrival at the Kingswood Dearne Valley Center the group picked up their keys and were shown to their accommodation. The group had a small amount of time to explore their surroundings before they would take part in their first of their fun packed activity program. Novocastrians RFC U10's first activity was on the High Ropes course taking on the Jacobs Ladder.

Novocastrians RFC U10 Jacobs Ladder

Novocastrians RFC next activity before dinner was Bushcraft, here the team learnt a wide range of bushcraft skills necessary to survive in a wilderness scenario. An example of some of the bushcraft skills learning to construct a shelter, safely lighting a campfire using natural materials, these tasks provided a great opportunity for Novocastrians RFC U10's to work as a team and learn some great life skills such as resilience, communication, problem solving, creativity. Once the activity had finished Novocastrians RFC made their way to the onsite dining facilities where they enjoyed dinner together as a team.  

Novocastrians RFC U10 Bushcraft

After dinner Novocastrians RFC 10's had some more fun before the day was over they would be trying their arm's at Archery! Here the team were taken to the indoor Archery Range by a qualified instructor who gave them all the information they would need to be successful, safe and enjoy Archery.  

Novocastrians RFC U10 Archery

Day 2 - Saturday 13th April 2019

After Novocastrians RFC U10's had awoken from their night's sleep and eaten breakfast the group would start their first activity of the day. Novocastrians RFC would be taking part in the newly designed Quick Zip, here the group would enjoy the thrills of flying through the air, before climbing off the zip line through cargo netting. This exhilarating activity allowed the team to bond together as they threw themselves off the platform racing one and other to the bottom! All of the High Ropes & Zipline activities are in a safe and controlled environment with helmets, harnesses and fully qualified Instructors. 

Novocastrians RFC U10 Quick Zip

After Lunch Novocastrians RFC would be taking on their second activity of the day, here they would be working as a team to create a vehicle in Buggy Building! Here the group would have to work as a team using wooden spars, polythene barrels, ropes to design, build and drive a working buggy capable of transporting their team across a set course. 

Novocastrians RFC U10 Buggie Builidng

Novocastrians RFC U10's last activity before dinner was Dragon Boats. Here the team worked up their hunger by paddling their way up and down the River Donn with two qualified staff. One drummer at the front of the boat responsible for maintaining the “heartbeat” of the dragon boat and the British qualified Dragonboat staff steer from the rear of the boat managing safety at all times.

Novocastrians RFC U10 Dragon Boats

After dinner Novocastrians RFC took part in their last activity session for the weekend, here they saved the best till last! The group would be ascending to the High Ropes course, they would be challenging the group to High Rope obstacles like the Balance Beam, Jungle Vines, Climbing, High Equilibrium and the Leap of Faith. These great activities allowed the team to push their own boundaries as far as they wish and creating memories that will stay with them as a team. 

Novocastrians RFC U10 High Ropes

Day 3 - Sunday 14th April 2019

After breakfast Novocastrians RFC U10's travelled to the impressive facilities of Doncaster Rugby Club, home to Championship Rugby side Doncaster Knights. Here the team took part in a brilliant festival of competing against a mixture of both local and touring teams to create a fun full day of rugby. Once the festival had finished and the presentation awards were given out the group were free to travel home after a fun packed rugby tour at the Dearne Valley Easter Festival 2019. 

Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Festival

Novocastrians RFC U10's Rugby Tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival

"Everyone has been raving about the tour, how fantastically well run it was and how smoothly everything fell into place thought this was the perfect first tour for a group. The facilities at Dearne Valley were very good, the whole thing worked perfectly having all the activities and accommodation and food in the same complex made it very easy! It was great to have Burleigh Travel staff there all weekend making sure everything ran smoothly!"

Novocastrians RFC U10 Rugby Tour To The Dearne Valley Easter Festival 

If this is a tour that appeals to you and your club, please contact us through our online enquiry form and we will happily provide you with the information you need.

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  • Read Novocastrians RFC U10's Testimonial below!

    Novocastrians RFC U10's Rugby Tour to the Dearne Valley Easter Festival

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