University Rugby Tours to Gibraltar

Jump over to Gibraltar for a unique tour with a beautiful mixture of a Spanish and British culture.

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University Rugby Tours to Gibraltar

University rugby tours to Gibraltar offer a truly unique touring experience for any team as a warm welcome awaits any British rugby tour. As the colonial links are still very evident, there will be no language barrier to overcome, whilst on tour, as English is widely spoken across all of Gibraltar. Gibraltar has incredible nightlife ideal for a university tour, with numerous bars and clubs to choose from, or even a trip to the island’s casino for those on tour who are feeling lucky! Every aspect will be catered for on your rugby tour.

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Take advantage of Gibraltar’s prime location and take a day trip to Tangiers, or Southern Spain to add even more variety to your rugby tour. Alternatively, take a trip to what the locals call ‘The Rock’ and ride the cable car to the top to see the native Barbary Apes in all their mischievous glory. Tours to Gibraltar will provide a memorable experience; the highlights of this alternative rugby destination should leave no question of this.

Gibraltar is a very popular destination due to its favourable Mediterranean climate and stunning beaches. You may be interested to know that we recently travelled to Gibraltar as a company on a familiarisation visit, so our local knowledge is extensive and are well-equipped to draw on our first hand experience of this destination in order to answer any queries you may have.

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  • The tour was brilliant! We won our two games and the hospitality afterwards was great! I would definitely recommend these two clubs. The hotel was exactly what we had wanted.

    Burnley RFC rugby tour to Gibraltar

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