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Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are and your family are all safe and well and we wish you all the best over these difficult times.

In view of the well documented implications of the unprecedented worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, we want to reassure you that that the safety and well-being of all of our touring groups is very important to us and that we are closely monitoring advice from the Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and ABTA.

We have been dealing with the repatriation of clients stuck in Spain and are supporting our staff who are in self isolation.

Our office is now in full lockdown and we have very limited email access but those who are able to work are working around the clock to ensure that we can assist our customers with the most urgent needs and our goal is to ensure that anyone due to travel in the next seven days has been updated on their tour and given a list of options available to them, we will not however have the resources to enter into conversations over these options at this stage.

We will continue to contact tour organisers whose travel plans have been effected.

Best wishes at what is a difficult time for us all and thanks for your understanding,

The Burleigh Travel Team

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Tours to Poland

Travel information and the destination at a glance

Tours to Poland

Poland                 Travel Information              Central Europe Map                

Time Difference

GMT + 2 hours – Krakow 

Tour Destinations



Travel Time

2.30 Hours - Krackow 

2.20 Hours - Warsaw

Useful Links

Travel Guide to Poland

Poland Tourism Website


Polish Zloty Exchange Rate

Tour Destinations in Poland

Krakow is a real mystical city, the cities beautiful architecture is apparent as you walk through the stunning streets and squares. The 21st Century has been marked with the renewal of these small back streets and squares as you can now find hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs scattered around the city. Even with this new energy being inserted into the city it still holds onto the proud history behind Wawel Royal Castle.

Warsaw has had a rough time historically, after nearly being destroyed in WWII. The city has rebuilt and is very different to other Polish cities for this very reason. Instead of the city being designed around old market squares it is spread more across a more broader area. Due to this broader architecture it has allowed the city to become the best entertainment and restaurant hub in the country. This city knows how to have fun.  


Destination Highlights

  1. Explore down deep in the Wieliczka Salt Mine 

  2. Visit the historic Wawel Royal Castle

  3. Take a boat trip down the Vistula River.   

  4. Enjoy the great nightlife in some of the many Bars & Clubs. 

  5. Get competitive at Go Karting and see who is the best driver in the group.  

  6. Try one of Poland's National Dishes Bigos, also known as Polish Hunters Stew.

No. 1. Destination Highlight: A visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine

Visit the stunning Wieliczka Salt Mine, the mine consists of a labyrinth of tunnels, there is about 300km of tunnels distrubuted over nine levels. The deepest tunnel is 327m below ground. All of these impressive tunnels and pits have been carved by hand using salt blocks. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Burleigh Travel Highlights


  • We really had a great tour! The location of the hotel was perfect and their was trams just outside if we needed to go anywhere. The host team were great and we has an amazing time.

    Cleckheaton RFC Senior Rugby Tour to Poland

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