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Senior & Veterans Rugby Tours to Bulgaria

Burleigh Travel offer senior rugby tours to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, and the highest capital in Europe. Bulgaria has four distinct seasons with dry, hot summers and snowy winters.  For senior rugby tours, Sofia is an ideal destination as it is well known for its fantastic nightlife and cheap alcohol;  bars are popular in the evening hours until midnight, after which the crowd moves to the night clubs. While present everywhere, bars and nightclubs are concentrated in the central part of the city which makes it easy to explore several different places in one outing and on foot.  Sofia ticks all the boxes to make for a great senior rugby tour and will ensure an unforgettable experience for you and your players.

Senior rugby tours will no doubt enjoy the historic culture and day trips Bulgaria has to offer including the Aleksander Nevski Church, Municipal Baths, and the Zhersky Bazaar. In summer a visit to the Pancharevo Lake is recommended where you can enjoy different water sports; rowing, surfing and water skiing. You can also enjoy a pedalo ride or spend some time sunbathing along the 5km lake which is located about 15km south of Sofia.

Some of our staff have visited Bulgaria on familiarisation visits so are therefore well-equipped to draw on their first hand experience of Bulgaria in order to answer any queries you may have regarding this destination.  They will be more than happy to discuss the countries suitability as a senior sports tour destination in more detail with you.

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  • A great rugby tour!! Sofia is ideal for a senior rugby tour, we had a great time; both on and off the pitch; particularly the latter!!

    Wallingford RFC Rugby Tour to Bulgaria

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