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Tours to Lithuania

Travel information and the destination at a glance

Tours to Lithuania

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Travel Information


Time Difference

GMT +2 hours 

Travel Time

2 ½ hour flight from London 

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Travel Guide to Lithuania

Lithuania Tourism Website

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Lithuanian Litas Exchange Rate 

Tour Destinations in Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, with its picturesque Old Town and rich historic culture, is fast becoming the latest ‘tour hotspot’ to visit in Eastern Europe.  The lively westernisation around Cathedral Square, with its bars, restaurants, cafes and varied nightlife, combine well for group tours.  Food and drink prices are still extremely low.




Destination Highlights

  1. Cheap food and drink prices in The Old Town & Cathedral Square
  2. Varied nightlife
  3. Plenty of historical sites to visit
  4. Spectacular natural landscapes
  5. Vibrant city life
  6. Visit to the open air museum
  7. Paintballing, quad biking and shooting are available
  8. Palanga Beach
  9. Visit the geographical centre of Europe
  10. Explore the 15th century Insular Trakai Castle


No. 1. Destination Highlight: The Old Town & Cathedral Square 

This is where most groups will spend their evenings as there are many bars and clubs here so it is the perfect place for a sports tour!  A couple of bars you might like to try are Shooters & Mojito Naktys.


Burleigh Travel Highlights

Fancy A Mojito At Naktys Bar

Party around Vilnius Old Town.


  • As usual, our football tour was great; as was Lithuania as a chosen destination.

    Sandridge Rovers FC - Football Tour to Lithuania

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