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Junior Football Tournaments 2007

Exciting Football Tournaments for Junior Teams

Junior Football Tournaments 2007

Burleigh Travel are pleased to announce our Junior Football Tournaments for the 2007 season.Easter Open Youth Football Tournament

The tournaments are well established with teams from a range of countries taking part in each. Football tournaments are an excellent focal point for a tour and add significant prestige to your trip overseas as the events and functions that are laid on in and around the football make for a special atmosphere that teams want to return to experience year after year.

Burleigh Travel’s preferred tournament list can be viewed by following the link to our Junior Football Tournament Flyer:

Burleigh Travel Junior Football Tournaments 2007

If you would like to make your 2007 tour a memorable one and would like further information on any of the listed tournaments, visit our website and complete an online enquiry form ensuring you note the name of the Football Tournament you are interested in.

Hageland Cup Youth Football Tournament

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  • The football was fantastic – we played all 15 fixtures, winning 11, drawing two and losing two. Referees, hosts and facilities were great and your planning and paperwork was absolutely outstanding

    Carre’s Grammar School - Football Tour to Holland

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