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Inspection Vists & Familiarisation Trips

Burleigh Travel ensure our team visit as many of the touring destinations we promote as we can in order that we can provide first hand knowledge of the destinations to our touring sports teams and help ensure you get the most from your sports tour.

Read about some of the recent Familiarisation Trips we have undertaken and contact us to speak to our team to receive further information on any of the featured or alternative destinations that are of interest.

We woudl like to thank all Tourist Boards and Familiarisation Trip Organisers for the opportunity to visit their countries and gain valuable experiences for our touring teams.


Holland or The Netherlands is a perennially popular favourite sports tour destination and has been since the beginnings of Burleigh Travel in the early - mid 1990's. The friendly welcome, competitive sport and cost effective travel options ensure that each sporting...

Read more   Added 01/09/15


As Part of Burleigh Travel's continued approach towards delivering unbeatable sports tours as well a high level of customer service, I recently visited one of our most up and coming Sport Tour Destinations in the UK, Cardiff. My time in...

Read more   Added 28/04/15

Barbados Cricket Tours

In May 2014, I was fortunate enough to be invited on the Gimme 5 & Fly” Barbados familiarisation trip put on by British Airways and the Barbados Tourist Association. Having never travelled to the Caribbean before I was delighted to...

Read more   Added 09/06/14

Jordan's Sports Tour Fam to Saint Lucia 2014

As part of Burleigh Travel's continued approach towards delivering unbeatable sports tours and a high level of customer service, I recently travelled to Saint Lucia on an 8 day sports familiarisation trip to gain a greater understanding of the sporting...

Read more   Added 15/05/14

Arial Tram St Lucia

My visit to St Lucia with the Sports Tourist Board was an amazing experience. Not only could we enjoy the tropical sun and sandy beaches dotted along the coastline, but also experience the irresistible mix of many different cultures and...

Read more   Added 08/08/13

Dave & Darren In Barbados

During June 2013 myself and my colleague Darren travelled to the beautiful island of Barbados on the Barbados Tourist Board's annual Mega Fam trip to gain a first hand experience of the sporting facilities, accommodation and activities that are on...

Read more   Added 07/07/13

Tours To Dubai

As Part of Burleigh Travel's continued approach towards delivering a high level of customer service, I recently travelled to Dubai on a 5 day familiarisation trip, to gain a greater understanding of how sports tours work in this vibrant cosmopolitan...

Read more   Added 29/03/10

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