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Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are and your family are all safe and well and we wish you all the best over these difficult times.

In view of the well documented implications of the unprecedented worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, we want to reassure you that that the safety and well-being of all of our touring groups is very important to us and that we are closely monitoring advice from the Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and ABTA.

We have been dealing with the repatriation of clients stuck in Spain and are supporting our staff who are in self isolation.

Our office is now in full lockdown and we have very limited email access but those who are able to work are working around the clock to ensure that we can assist our customers with the most urgent needs and our goal is to ensure that anyone due to travel in the next seven days has been updated on their tour and given a list of options available to them, we will not however have the resources to enter into conversations over these options at this stage.

We will continue to contact tour organisers whose travel plans have been effected.

Best wishes at what is a difficult time for us all and thanks for your understanding,

The Burleigh Travel Team

  • Freshfields FC Football Tour To Poland

Football Tours to Eastern Europe

Explore the unforgettable destinations in Eastern Europe for you next Football Tour!

Football Tours to Eastern Europe

A Football Tour to Eastern Europe can be a great way to end a season. Below we will look into our most popular destinations in Eastern Europe that offers you competitive football, great hosting, plenty of opportunity for trips and activities to supplement the tour football and most important a buzzing nightlife to ensure a memorable Football Tour to Eastern Europe.

Football Tours to the Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square In The Heart Of Pragues New Town

A Football Tour to Prague, the Czech capital, offers an incredible atmosphere created by its long history. Prague offers visiting football tours the chance to discover the wonders of Czech cuisine, celebrated Czech beer and excellent Moravian wines. Prague boasts a lively nightlife around Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square with many bars, clubs and beer halls with drink prices in Prague are extremely low.

“Everything on the tour went really well! We were extremely happy with how everything went and it all went to plan. The fixtures we played were pitched at the right level and the host clubs were all very friendly.” - Old Wykehamist FC Football Tour to Prague

Football Tours to Slovakia

Danube River Cruise

Slovakia as a football tour destination isn't the first Eastern Europe counrty that might come to mind, but with numerous historical sites, a wide variety of bars and restaurants, this destination has something for everyone and will ensure an unforgettable football tour for you and your players. Slovakia is traditionally over-looked, but the country is a real treasure with cosmopolitan cafes and traditional Slavic beer halls that is sure to be a great base for your next Football Tour! 

“The tour to Slovakia was unforgettable! The country has brilliant nightlife with a great mixture cafe's, bars and clubs. These bars had brilliant cheap local beers costing 50p for a pint. We enjoyed an awesome fixture with fantastic hospitality and excellent competition on the field.” - Leiston Wanderers FC Football Tour to Slovakia

Football Tours to Hungary

 Budapest Bazaar

Budapest particularly has been discovered to offer a lot more than expected for a football tour. Those going to this fantastic destination have described it as “a treasure chest of wonderful experience”. Football is a growing sport in Hungary where the locals welcome touring sides with open arms. A football tour to this largely untouched destination will provide an excellent insight into Eastern European culture and an unforgettable touring experience for any senior football team.

“The tour was extremely successful, everything ran very smoothly. The accommodation was really flexible and very friendly. The team we played were great hosts and pitched at the right level, we had a very close and enjoyable match at some brilliant facilities.” - Sandridge Rovers FC Football Tour to Hungary

Football Tours to Lithuania

Vilnius At Night 

Lithuania is growing in popularity for football tours as the Capital City, Vilnius’ reputation from a historical and cultural European City is fast changing into one of the best nights out for entertainment in Europe. An array of pubs, bars and restaurants situated in the Cathedral Square of Vilnius will keep your group entertained while away on football tour and the cheap price of beer will also be another benefitting factor for an unforgettbale football tour.

“We had an amazing football tour. What an opportunity to play in the national stadium, it was seriously a once in a life time opportunity! Not only was it in brilliant facilities but the hosting team were brilliant, they were all very friendly. Was pleasantly surprised how nice Vilnius was streets were very clean and the people were all so welcoming!”Math Stats FC Football Tour to Vilnius, Lithuania

Football Tour to Poland

Warsaw Cafe 

Poland offers a great energetic city atmosphere. This European football tour destination offers a wealth of possibilities for many British football tours, priding itself on its energy and infused with rich history back to WWII. Once the night comes around these fantastic town squares open up into a great area where really good restaurants are and also lively bars and clubs open up to entertain the group all night.

“We had a great football tour in Poland. The team that hosted us were brilliant, sadly we lost but they were really friendly and put on some brilliant post match hospitality. We stayed and had a BBQ with them and a few beers and was a real highlight of the tour! We will defiantly be touring with Burleigh Travel again.”Old Salesians FC Football Tour to Poland

If you are interested in any of the above Football Tour destinations please do get in contact with the team and we would be happy to talk through any questions you may have! 

If you or your club are interested in a Football Tour to any of these brilliant destinations and would like some more information Enquire Here and one of our dedicated staff will work to get some detailed information out to you. 

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  • The tour was extremely successful, everything ran very smoothly. The accommodation was really flexible and very friendly. The team we played were great hosts and pitched at the right level!

    Sandridge Rovers FC Football Tour to Hungary

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