Coronavirus - Covid-19 Pandemic

Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are and your family are all safe and well and we wish you all the best over these difficult times.

In view of the well documented implications of the unprecedented worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, we want to reassure you that that the safety and well-being of all of our touring groups is very important to us and that we are closely monitoring advice from the Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and ABTA.

We have been dealing with the repatriation of clients stuck in Spain and are supporting our staff who are in self isolation.

Our office is now in full lockdown and we have very limited email access but those who are able to work are working around the clock to ensure that we can assist our customers with the most urgent needs and our goal is to ensure that anyone due to travel in the next seven days has been updated on their tour and given a list of options available to them, we will not however have the resources to enter into conversations over these options at this stage.

We will continue to contact tour organisers whose travel plans have been effected.

Best wishes at what is a difficult time for us all and thanks for your understanding,

The Burleigh Travel Team

  • Create A Memorable Sports Tour For Your Sports Team

Thinking About A Sports Tour?

Our 'Top Ten Tips' to getting your next sports tour off the ground

Thinking About A Sports Tour?

As the new sport season is just around the corner for many and drawing to a close for others, very soon someone in your sports team will raise the question about this years sports tour and may well then make a hasty retreat whilst someone else steps up to the organisers role.

As we understand the challenges faced by a sports tour organiser, we wanted to share our experiences and ideas to give you our 'Top Ten Tips' to help you get a sports tour off the ground for your team.

Burleigh Travel has over 20 years experience in arranging high quality sports tours to worldwide sports tour destinations; contact us now to receive your tailored sports tour itinerary and begin the journey to a memorable sports tour for your team. 

Top 10 Tips2

Our 'Top Ten Tips' to make your next sports tour a reality

  1. Ask for financial commitment early, it’s the only way you will know your members are on board – we hear from some frustrated tour organisers who have gone to great lengths to plan a tour only to be let down when it comes to asking for money!
  2. Publicise the tour as much as possible – modern methods of communication means that it is so much easier to promote tours. As well as the traditional word of mouth and posters on the club wall, you can also use texts and email to spread the word and also ask to use the clubs social media sources and website.
  3. Make the most of your destination – The bulk of costs are in the boring elements of the tour such as flights or ferry travel. Be sure to work hard on fundraising so that you can book excursions and activities to make the tour appealing and ultimately to really experience the destination you visit.
  4. Be realistic – Take into account who you are organising the tour for. When organising for a team you should plan a tour to a destination that is viable for everyone.
  5. Get started Early – in general the earlier you book a tour the better position you are in to obtain a better deal, whether that be a lower price, a higher grade accommodation or even some well earned freebies!Multi Sport Tours For Schools Colleges
  6. Collect Regular payments – many of our previous touring teams have said that by setting up a payment plan; be it weekly or monthly instalments, the tour organiser has piece of mind that the group are paying and are committed to the tour. This approach also makes funding the tour more manageable for the members as they don't have to find a lump sum many months after signing up.
  7. Speak to others at your club – A lot of sports teams we work with have a long standing tradition of touring, so if you are new to the tour organiser role, speak to others who have preceded you for your team and others in your organisation as they will be able to pass on valuable advice.
  8. Do you need permission? – The last thing you need to do is spend time planning a tour, collecting money, fundraising and promoting the tour to your members to find out your not allowed to travel. Schools, Military groups and often teams from sports clubs need to be granted permission to undertake a sports tour from their organisation and we suggest you get this in place as soon as possible to ensure you have the green light!
  9. Build a strong, reliable team – We are meticulous in our planning and take the stress away from the logistical arrangements of your tour, but the tour organiser still has a huge role to play in making the tour a reality! We appreciate a lot of work goes into bringing a tour to fruition and whilst some people may say “too many chiefs” we believe “many hands make light work” so make sure you build an enthusiastic committee or support group to help along the way and share the responsibility.
  10. Enjoy It – As Sportspeople (some current, some not so current!) our staff have enjoyed a huge variety of sports tours and often the office banter relates to a story from a previous trip. The best way to ensure you enjoy the trip is by being thorough in your planning, but remembering to make the organising part fun too! Sports tours should be enjoyable and memorable, most importantly for the organisers who make them happen! 

Top 10 Tips3

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  • It was nice knowing that the tour planning and organisation had been proficiently completed, which took the tedious hassle out of doing it all ourselves during a very busy end-of-year term.

    St John’s Beaumont School Cricket Tour 2014

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