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Senior Hockey Tours to Czech Republic

Hockey tours to Prague, the Czech capital, offer an incredible atmosphere created by its long history. Prague offers visiting hockey tours the chance to discover the wonders of Czech cuisine, celebrated Czech beer and excellent Moravian wines. A visit to Prague’s 2nd city, Brno, is a popular addition to many hockey tours to the Czech Republic. For senior hockey tours, Prague boasts a lively nightlife around Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square with many bars, clubs and beer halls which makes the Czech Republic an attractive option for all senior tours. Drink prices in Prague are extremely low, with a pint of strong local beer being less than a pound outside the tourist areas.

Create your Czech Republic Tour Itinerary

Senior hockey tours to the Czech Republic will be an unforgettable experience, the activities and day trips on offer in Prague should leave no question of this; walk along the Charles Bridge, boat cruise along the River Vltrava; experience a thrill doing the KL Bungee Jump; visit Prague’s second city, Brno; visit the Big Sister Brothel. These activities will ensure that there is never a dull moment during any hockey tour!

We have travelled as a company to the Czech Republic on both inspection trips and familiarisation visits. We therefore have first-hand experience of this destination to draw upon in answering any queries you may have. Our knowledge of this country should provide you with confidence in the service we provide, as we know what makes a great senior hockey tour to the Czech Republic.

Burleigh Travel Highlights

Oxford University Hockey Club Social Tour to Prague 2017


  • Our hockey tour to Prague was fantastic. It is a city with a whole different culture. As students, beer at 40p a pint was greatly appreciated.

    Cheltenham & Gloucester HC hockey tour to Prague

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