Senior Rugby Tour to Canada: London Scottish RFC

Senior Rugby 3 Centred Tour in Canada: Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal

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Senior Rugby Tour to Canada: London Scottish RFC

Senior Rugby 3 Centred Tour in Canada: Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal

During their senior rugby tour to Canada, the players of London Scottish Rugby Club were able to combine two high level rugby fixtures and a selection of training sessions with a visit to watch a Toronto’s Blue Jay baseball match and socialising with their hosts during an international game between England & Canada.  This 3 centred tour also provided plenty of opportunity for the players to explore the sights of each destination, such as the CN Tower in Toronto and Olympic Park in Montreal, home to the 1976 Olympic Games.

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London Scottish RFC: Rugby Tour to Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal Highlights!

London Scottish RFC three centred rugby tour to Canada was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, with the following highlights making the tour memorable for all:

  • High level fixtures & organised training venues
  • Socialising with hosts whilst watching the Churchill Cup game.
  • Tickets to watch a Toronto Blue Jays baseball match
  • Team meal in Ottawa
  • Great accommodation and punctual transport

If you would like to tour to Canada on your next rugby tour, click here to request your tailored rugby tour itinerary and here to learn more about Canada as a rugby tour destination.

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Ysgol Y Strades Netball and Rugby Tour of Canada 2015


  • The rugby tour to Canada was great and there were plenty of activities to do in between our training sessions and rugby fixtures - everyone really enjoyed watching the Toronto Blue Jays match.

    London Scottish RFC rugby tour to Canada

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