Wanstead RFC U13 Rugby Tour to The South Yorkshire Challenge

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Wanstead RFC U13 Rugby Tour to The South Yorkshire Challenge

Wanstead took a group of 50 people away on Rugby Tour a mixture of players and their parents. They went on one of our new Rugby events the South Yorkshire Challenge. This weekend is designed to do something different on Rugby Tour instead of being on a caravan site they were based at the Kingswood Dearne Valley Activity Centre, where they have had a tailored itinerary full of activities and meals times for the whole weekend, so the kids always have something to do and are never bored. 

Wanstead RFC U13 Rugby Tour To South Yorkshire Challenge Team Photo

On Friday, Wanstead arrived to take part in the first activity which was crate stacking. This activity is great to get the team working together as they are tasked with building as biggest tower as possible out of crates to support two team members who are balanced on top of this tower. After their second activity they are scheduled into dinner on site. This is perfect for the groups as it takes the hassle away of having to find somewhere for the group to eat out and accommodate the size of the group. 

South Yorkshire Challenge On Site Activities 8

On the Saturday, Wanstead had a full day of activities out in the beautiful hot sun. Some of the activities were Laser Tag, Areoball, Orienteering, Archery, a Mini Olympics and Jacobs Ladder. In between these activities Wanstead were able to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Where there was a great variety of foods to cater for everyone’s needs. There was also an extra salad bar provided at Lunch and Dinner. At breakfast they also provided other cereals and yogurts for people that didn’t want the cooked option. 

South Yorkshire Challenge Doncaster Rugby Festival U13s 17

Sunday morning Wanstead RFC U13’s had their breakfast and picked up their pack lunch for the day and headed off to the Doncaster RFC for the Rugby Festival. The weather was brilliant on the Sunday and allowed the standard of rugby to really show through. Wanstead RFC U13’s had a brilliant day with a strong performance throughout, which showed as they won the tournament at their age group. 

Doncaster Festival Wanstead RFC U13

Wanstead RFC U13: Rugby Tour to The South Yorkshire Challenge

The Rugby Tour to The South Yorkshire Challenge was excellent, here are some of the highlights; 

  • The Activities were great and the boys really enjoyed them. 
  • The Meals on site were great value for money. 
  • The Rugby Festival was very competitive and was really well organised. 
  • The Staff from Burleigh were very helpful on site and prior to going. 

If this is a tour that appeals to you and your rugby club, please contact us through our online enquiry form and we will happily provide you with the information you need. 

Burleigh Travel Highlights


  • We had an excellent tour. The boys really enjoyed the competitive rugby & got really into the activities & really enjoyed them. Burleigh Travel were excellent, we shall be touring with them next year.

    Wanstead Rugby Tour to South Yorkshire Challenge

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